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Magnolia Garland For Weddings

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From Snippet And Ink: Magnolia Leaf Garland takes center stage, we wanted to see how easy it would be to make one! Thanks to NATURE’S GRACE DESIGN, who explains how to add this whimsical detail to your wedding without increasing your budget. Add simple candles for a romantic tablesape or drape it across the back of the bride and groom chairs.

Materials needed:

CORDING or Paper Wrapped Wire

Tip: Before you begin, set aside a few magnolia tips for filling in any natural gaps in the garland


1. Clean down magnolia tips cutting away bruised, discolored, or torn leaves. After cleaning, prune woody stem leaving approximately 3-4 inches length.

2. Lay out the desired length of cording, with a few extra inches on each end for tying off.

3. Start your garland by laying the magnolia tip on the cording wire, making sure you leave a few inches on the end for tying off.

4. For the end piece, simply turn the magnolia tip in the opposite direction to finish off the garland. Lay it slightly overlapping, and bind it to the garland with the paddle wire. Wrap the extra cording wire around the last stem for tying off.