French Countryside Wedding Inspiration | Colorado Wedding Photographer


Colorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-Photography-22Colorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyColorado-Wedding-Photographer-French-Countryside-Wedding-Inspiration-DeFiore-PhotographyTucked up against the foothills along Colorado Rocky Mountains is a spot where time means nothing. The fresh crisp air makes you feel vibrant and romantic, surrounded by a beautiful golden field of long flowing grass. It’s a spot where you can easily lose yourself in romance and connect with the person you love most, like a new husband.

With autumn’s rich flavors and colors you feel inspired to enjoy all you’ve grown and harvested while the rest of the world falls away, and you celebrate all of what’s to come in winter – a time of hope and magic.

To create a blend between the decadence of the season and the rustic, european charm of the farmhouse, we used colors you can almost touch and feel. Dark buttercream yellows, sage green and burgundy are paired with deep rich browns, like espresso and kahlúa. Placed in a setting of antique linens and waterford crystal, these pieces create a balance of darkness and light, modern and old world, shaping a playful edge with a fine polish.

A three- tiered espresso fondant cake paired with hard pressed cider from fresh apples, handmade kahlúa, espresso martinis and a hint of mint offer a sweet, dark flavor and contrasting color palette that helps deeper colors featured in the flowers like scabiosa, agonis after dark, and persimmon pop when laid out on a light, barn-wood table.

Spread out along the table are little extra touches to celebrate the bride’s French ancestry like antique tintypes, french coins, her great grandfathers watch and old crystal from a chandelier in the family home. Each of these are a small way to honor her family heritage as she steps forward to create her own.

The bride pulls together vintage and new world elements with two dress looks. One dress is a French family heirloom paired with an antique bead purse shared by her grandmother, the second, a clean, modern dress that’s simple and beautiful, worn by her mother. Bringing family heirlooms in as part of a wedding honors your roots and also becomes part of a new tradition you pass along to your children.

The elements of rustic and decadent play so well together, especially in a mountain retreat. A blend of high-end and intimate creates a unique experience that has the best of everything while offering the calmness and peace of a true romantic getaway.

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Photography: Danielle DeFiore | Cake: Zuzus Bake Shop | Invitations: Bella Figura | Bride’s Shoes:Kate Spade | Chocolates : Ohana Chocolates | Coffee: Forest Coffee Trading Company | Coordination:Jolly Events | Event Rental: Flex Rental | Film Lab: The Find Lab | Florals : Nature’s Grace Design | Groom Attire : Dora Grace | MUAH: Carly Ackerman | Menu Card & Table Number Calligraphy: Jenna Blazevich | Paper Goods: Jenna Blazevich And Bella Figura | Venue: Private Farm