Fort Collins Family Photography | Danielle DeFiore


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Photography holds a special place in my heart. It was my first passion and still really lights me up, no matter what my day ahead may hold. Now that I have two little ones, my passion has expanded to include their crazy, unpredictable little hearts. Although they keep me busy from sun up to sun down, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

It’s also why I was so happy to connect with Erica, another family photographer I’ve known for a few years. When she asked me to photograph her family, especially time with her children, I knew exactly what she meant and wanted from our session together – the gift of a photographers eye and the creative influence of a Mom’s heart.

Mom’s can definitely relate when I say, “always the photographer, never the subject.” We are motivated to capture great pictures of our children, yet, we are always left with is a slew of beautiful images that feature dad, kids, kids and pets and then maybe just the kids. This leaves us “missing in action” in the history of our own family tree!

I always treasure giving another photographer the gift she cannot give herself. Erica, hope you and your lovely family enjoy these little snap shots in time for years to come!