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What’s the one thing that motivates you in the morning? For me… it’s coffee. There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh brew filling my kitchen, helping wake me up. Some would argue that great coffee is even better than a fine wine – and requires the same carefully selected growing environment and care. The difference between OK coffee and great coffee is where the beans are grown and how they are treated, exactly like wine grapes. It’s truly an art that takes a combination of roasting skill and an ideal growing environment to create a distinct, flavorful cup.

That’s why the coffee I buy from Forrest Coffee Trading Company in Denver is one of my favorites! I think they make a mean brew and it’s an awesome way to start my day.

They are Denver-based Company that imports fair trade coffee straight from the Golden Triangle in Thailand into Denver, Colorado for roasting. The company only uses beans from the Phahi Hill Tribe in Northern Thailand and is the only company in the United States to sell coffee from these hills.

Forrest Coffee Trading Company supports a large number of families each year by importing their beans. They also support fair trade practices and pay fair trade wages, both of which are essential to honoring the hard work coffee farmers put into growing and caring for the beans from seed to harvest. In fact, growing coffee beans has become a sustainable source of income for the Phahi Village families, who now earn 10 times more than previous crops raised in the region.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a morning with the owners of Forrest Coffee Trading Company to learn about their passion for coffee and sustainable business, as well as their journey to find other sustainably-minded vendors for their coffee. Look them up, read their origin story and support them!

Locally, you can find them at The Cupboard in Fort Collins.