Sweet Juniper | Northern Colorado Baby Photographer

Adding a baby to the family brings excitement, change, and a new, unique little personality into the mix. Over the years I’ve really enjoyed spending time with this northern Colorado family, which made it even more fun to see them welcome their third child, Juniper! Seeing parents bond with their new little one always warms my heart, and watching Juniper’s siblings welcome her to the family while snuggling with Mom was pure love in a photo.

I always feel so honored to capture these special times for a family, to create a way they can always remember the feeling of pure love that forever expanded their hearts even further than they thought possible. Congratulations!Nursery Details, Northern Colorado, Baby PhotographerSleeping Newborn, Northern Colorado, Baby PhotographerNewborn Siblings Photos, Northern Colorado, Baby PhotographerMother Holding Newborn, Northern Colorado, Baby PhotographerBright Red Newborn Nursery, Northern Colorado, Baby PhotographerSister Holding Newborn, Northern Colorado, Baby PhotographerSibling Photos, Northern Colorado, Baby PhotographerNewborn Photos, Northern Colorado, Baby PhotographerLifestyle Family Session, Northern Colorado, Baby Photographer