A self-confessed hopeless romantic, my work is driven by movement of the heart, deeply rooted in family, and inspired by the land. It’s my connection to stories, my faith in something old and something new, that fuels my creativity and keeps a camera in my hands. Even now, nearly two decades since I started out, I can’t imagine a more beautiful way to fill my days.

My background includes commercial art school, where I learned the technical skills of professional photography, as well as fine art school, where I honed in on my aesthetic. I shot my first wedding in 2001 on my Hasselblad 500cm and hand-developed and printed everything in my darkroom at home. Technology is constantly transforming the art of photography, but I will always retain a note of nostalgia. I still shoot film along with digital for each event, for timeless photos that perfectly blend our past with the present.

Colorado-based since 2005, I hold offices in Estes Park and Fort Collins, where I am beyond lucky to be surrounded by never-ending natural beauty. Though the West has captured my heart, I’ll happily follow the creative call to collaborate with clients all over the US.  My weddings have taken me from coast to coast and everywhere in between, and you can find my work published both locally and nationally. In every piece, you’ll see the driving force behind what I do—celebration of family and relationships—shine through.  

For wedding and family portrait inquiries, please reach out to hello@danielledefiore.com.